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i2i Records would like to be your one stop shop for Traditional Country, Country Gospel and Cajun Music. We want you to visit the pages of our many Musicians/Bands to hear and purchase their music. We are here to promote, market, and sell Traditional Country, Country Gospel and Cajun Music. If you would like to add your music to our site, just contact me to discuss.

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$15.00 US
I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name
Root Beer
Blue Spanish Eyes
Into My Arms Again
If I Ever Fall In Love With A Honky Tonk Girl
You Don’t Love Me
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Somewhere In Texas
What A Way To Live
It Should Be Easier Now 
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie
Tommy Hooker
AWA Awarded - "Pure Country CD of the Year"

Fiddle - Hank Singer 
Piano -  Floyd Domino 
Steel Guitar -       Gary Carpenter /Boo Miller
Drums - Dixie Hankins 
Upright Bass -       Mark Abbott 
Guitars -      Chuck Cusimano 
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01 - Two Steppin'
02 - When The Grass Grows Over Me
03 - All The Love In San Antone
04 - I'm In A Good Mood
05 - It's Your Love
06 - To Sir With Love
07 - You Ain't Here To Hear Me Say Goodbye
08 - Good As Gone
09 - Busy Makin' Plans
10 - You Taught Me All I Know
11 - A Better Mind To Stay
12 - Til I Know It's Real
Lisa Layne
AWA Awarded - "Pure Country Female Vocalist of the Year"

New Download From Chuck Cusimano
With Dee Jee Overbee

"Rhymes Without Reason"
Rhymes Without Reason

Billy Mata
New 3 CD Set
Tommy Duncan Trilogy
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$35.00 US
$15.00 US
If You Can
Someone Had To Teach You
Turn Around
Smokin' Cigarettes And Drinkin' Coffee Blues
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Shoes - These Shoes Don't Fit Me Anymore
Lisa Layne
Brand New Release "Turn Around"
$15.00 US
$18.00 US
Back To Normal
Back In Baby's Arms
She Found Something In Me
You Are My Rainbow
Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town
Half A Mind
What's Done Is Done
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Dancing With Katie
My Lady Sings A Song
Here In Old Fort Worth
Carl Vaughan - Dancing With Katie
2019 Release
Turn To The Wine
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Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
The Blue Right Out Of My Eyes
Would You Want To Leave The World Not Loving Me
Walked Off The World
$18.00 US
$18.00 US
$18.00 US
$10.00 US
$18.00 US
Driving His Cattle Home
Stand Up I'm Talkin' 'bout Texas
My Oklahoma Cowboy
My Pinto Pony
Cattle Call
Sook Sook Cowboy
Oklahoma Hills
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Pony Express
Friday Night Cowboy
One More Last Chance
Dawn Anita
2019 Release - Saddlin' Up For God, Country & Cowboys
Allegiance To The Flag.
$18.00 US
$18.00 US
Heaven's On The Other Side Of Town
When She Does Me Right She Does You Wrong
Las Cruces
No Doubt
Eye To Eye With A Fool
When Rose Cared For Me
Ain't There No Fiddles In Austin
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I Wish Someone Who Loved Me Would Look At Me Like That
Unless There's An Easy Way Out
Change Her Mind
Albert Leon Payne
If This Was Texas
The Other Woman.
Farmer's Daughter
$18.00 US
Total People Plus
Dee Jee Overbey      
With Love

New Release - 050920
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It's Your Love
A Mind Is A Terrible Thing
What Can You Do
All the Love in San Antone
I Meant Everything
Lonely Shadow
$15.00 US
$10.00 US
$18.00 US

Penny Gilley - Live CD Set

2020 Release

2 Discs - 57 Live Songs

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$25.00 US
Another Chapter In The Workin' Man Blues
Meat And Potatoes Man
Why Did I Wait So Long
Small Town Blues
Call Of The Wild
Old Fashion Way
I Watched You Destroy A Dream
Radio Days
Flowers For Mama
As Far As I Can
Spendin' Time And Money
Home Wasn't Built In A Day
Lifetime On The Road
Merle - Ghost Track
When It All Is Said And Done
(Brand New Release)
Under The Influence of Merle
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