About i2i Records

Founded in 2015 by Greg Irvin, i2i Records is where fans can download music from their favorite independent artists and find new favorites.  

We have financially backed a couple of artists so far (Lisa Layne and Tommy Hooker), who have projects on our label. Our intention is to only do a couple of projects like this each year, and then only with select artists.

Making CDs for artists is only one part of our business. Our real bread and butter is helping to market CDs for the working musicians. You know, the guys/gals that work all week at their “real” jobs, so they can afford to play for you on the weekend. They don’t have time or knowledge of online marketing, search engine optimizations, electronic newsletters, worldwide distribution etc. 

We offer them a free page on our site, we take care of marketing, sales tax and shipping for them, and send them a check once a month for anything that sells. All artists on our site that have them, sends us fan club email addresses or other opt-in email lists that they have collected, and we combine them into one big database that consists of our collective (target market audience), and send them an electronic newsletter once a month of new releases and new artists on the site. It helps everyone, when we all work together to sell each other’s products. The end result is more sales of product and more gigs for the people doing the music, with little to no investment on their part.  

So, most of the artists on our website are not necessarily on our “Label”. They are part of our "Family of Entertainers", doing their part to keep Traditional Country Music alive and thriving. They believe in what we are trying to accomplish at i2i Records, and they support us, by contributing their music to our website, and we support them by helping them sell their music, and promoting their efforts.

We are simply “Spreading The Word … One Song At A Time”.

Some artists make comments like “I don’t need you, I’m on iTunes”.  And yes, if someone is looking for you specifically, and they spell your name right in the search criteria, they can find you on iTunes. As a fan, If you just like Country Music, you can come on our site, and find artists you may not have heard of, as well as many that you already know, All in one place. You can read the artist's bio, hear sound bites before you buy anything, download individual songs or buy the CDs. As far as I know, no one else is doing things quite like this for Traditional Country and Gospel Music?  

Thanks for your interest in our artists.  Thanks for supporting “our kind of music”.   Watch for our ads on RFD-TV, on the Penny Gilley Show, and we also have several artists on TruCountry (also on RFD-TV).

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i2i Records
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Spreading the Word ... One Song at a Time