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She's Somewhere In Texas Tonight
I Wonder Who's In Denver
(Let's Make) An Old Love New Again
I'm Getting Close
Heartbroken Honlytonk Queen
Ain't Got No Blues
Good Times Will Stay
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Turn Back Time
This Seems More Like Living
Fiddle Man
i2i Records
Spreading the Word ... One Song at a Time
Our Supporters
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Modern Day Rambler
I Hate Santa Fe (Tessa's Song)
I've Never Been Any Other Way
Give Me One Minute
I Really Had Her Going
I Don't Wanna Lose You
Since I Lost You
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Turned Her On To Country
You Remind Me
If I Had Time
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I Want You To Stay
Hurtin' Song
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02_What A Way To Live
03_Lucky Man
04_Good Morning Helen
06_Better Than Me
07_Some Kind Of Something
09_Helping Hand
10_I Don't Know What To Write
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08_If I Thought I Could Stop You From Leaving
Will Banister
05_Too Far Gone